I am alive and enthralled to grasp,
A moment of grace blessing,
Me in a sunlit garden wondrous,
Like almost a whispering.

There is a fragrance of God's flowers,
The sweetest and heavenly,
Scent covering me in a glow as love's,
Tenderness gently seeks me.

Oh lovely how preciously I feel,
In this warmth all around me,
Such glowings unveiling their posies,
In a maze light and balmy.

My imagination carries on,
In a most pretentious way,
As a tale of pixies dance close by,
On this my fine wedding day.

Delight captures the whole of me,
Intriguingly thrills my heart,
In this sunlit garden with almost,
A whispering to impart.

I am astonished and entertained,
Fondly I wish I could sing,
For the magic of love envelopes,
Me reflecting all it'll bring.

Such gaiety blesses my whole soul,
As I dream on our promise,
For my mind stays on the man I wed,
Loving him as time exists.

An enchantment sweeps all over me,
And I'm lost in beauty sweet,
A whispering wishes 'and dreams' cloud,
For us only to complete.

I'm overcome mesmerized in bliss,
Sweet euphoria of love,
Exhilarating wondrously in,
A moment of grace thereof.

©Sondra McPherson
27 August 2007


Song of Solomon: 8

Many waters cannot quench love
neither can the floods drown it.










Song: "Almost A Whisper"
Quietude - Midis From Dolphin*s Dream ©
Midi Courtesy of Dolphin's Dream
Used With Permission


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