Once in a while,
Someone's smile can still remind me of you,
Or maybe just the way they have their hair,
The way they walk or a little something they do.

Once in a while
I can still feel your soft, caressing touch,
The brush of your hand against mine your gentle kiss,
So many years ago but I can still vision you so much.

Once in a while
I hope too maybe you think of moments I shared with you,
A ride together, a walk, or talking in the hallway,
A love so young, so innocent, so tender and so true.

Maybe Just Once In A While....

©John Sept 2012

A special dedication to Joanne,
my first date March 20 1959

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Dedicated to John and his first love Joanne Ritchie
March 1959
Annandale High School
( 50's music Website)

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