Until forever my darling when,
That old man in the moon says,
Hello to you and me while smiling,
I'll be loving you always.

A day to remember is ours,
A beautiful Wedding Day,
Just like Cinderella and the Prince,
Such elegance in array.

Beautiful sweet pink and white roses,
Everywhere and my bouquet,
Now and forever we'll remember,
The magic on this our day.

My handsome husband mine for always,
I'm blessed by God with the best,
Loving so considerate and kind,
And my choice of dreamiest.

Looking into your eyes this moment,
I see sweet love with promise,
Right now let's just hold one another,
Dance and embrace in a kiss.

Let's make it our day to remember,
We are forever in love,
Wed in the sight of our families,
And most of all God Above.

My loving husband we are one now,
I promise to love you more,
Each day from now on for you're my life,
The man I love and adore.

We are totally blessed by the Lord,
Hold me close the Church Bells chime,
Once again for us and darling know,
I'm yours till the end of time.

Forever my darling I'll love you,
Holding you in my heart always,
Because you are the breath of my soul,
I will love you all my days.

© Sondra McPherson
16 May 2008


From Song of Solomon: 2

My beloved is mine, and I am his



Song: "Now and Forever" Courtesy of Tom Beaudreau

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