If love could be a color
I think purple would be a good hue
But then pink is very pretty
It just doesn't seem to fit you!

You're eyes light up with warmth
The color's shining through
As you turn and look at me
I see your color is true!

You might ask how I know this
And I might just just smile at you
And let you guess and wonder
How I know your color shows through

But I'd most likely say
Through eyes of love you look at me
The love in your heart is there
Whispering the best is yet to be.

The depth of love lingers
In the colors so divine
They gently lead me on
Calling, follow me, love of mine

Yes the color of your love is purple
I love that color, I do!
Because your eyes do sparkle
With that color that say's I Love You!

© 2008 April 7




Tutorial is from Ellie's Treasures

Song Roger Williams "Somewhere In Time"

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