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Ever Changing Love

My love for you is ever changing,
Yet it's steady in my heart.
You won it long ago,
And it will never depart.

Sometimes it shines
As the brightest shades of gold.
Sometimes it sparkles like diamonds,
And is so lovely to behold.

It's growth is never ending,
And is sweeter with each passing year.
It's here to hold your hand,
When your heart trembles with fear.

It's an ever changing love,
Sprinkled with much Grace.
Has tenderness beyond compare,
Such beauty it does embrace.

You are my soul mate,
The love of my life it's true,
And forever and always I'll have
An ever changing love for you.



Song Of Solomon 2: 4
His banner over me was love.







Music: "Only You"
Courtesy of
The Golden Oldies Page


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