I took a stroll down a gravel road,
It appeared to be covered with snow.
But instead it was painted with cherry blossoms,
From the trees hanging ever so low.

I stopped to admire the cherry blossoms,
Their beauty was much to behold.
And the wonder of their sweet fragrance,
Is more than can ever be told.

The blossoms are so delicately formed,
By our blessed Savior Divine.
He must have known we'd have a need,
For the cherry blossom times.

Thank You Lord for everything,
You have so intricately made.
I thank You too for Cherry Blossom times,
That are scattered along the way.

Phyllis A. Douglas 2006


Scripture from Ecclesiastes 3

To every thing there is a season,
and a time to every purpose under
the heaven

He hath made every thing
beautiful in his time

















Song: "Only A Dream" Courtesy of  M.C. Shelly ~ MCS Music Copyright 2003 - 2007


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