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I sit alone just looking around,
My mind going away from me,
Familiar faces become strangers,
This is not how life's supposed to be.

A loving spouse stands across the room,
Once I knew the movements so clear,
A child's laughter echoes across time,
Pieces of memory held ever so dear.

I know there is a sky rising above me,
The shimmers of light at night are stars,
The moon is still a reality to this mind,
But I can't recall who my friends are.

The baby playing in its crib cooing and happy,
A fifth generation that brings great pride,
Yet there is a gap I can't remember them at all,
I bow my head in shame, lost and alone I cried.

Why has this disease overtaken me?
Robbing all thoughts that I held dear,
Even my child is alien to me most days,
Where goes the memories that disappear?

Alone I live in my forgotten world,
Void of memory, though I've tried,
There is nothing left to look forward to,
Deeper into this abyss I slide.

Morning breaks into a new day,
Yet I do not know yesterday is past,
I see no tomorrows or next year,
Just emptiness I can't surpass.

Gayle Davis©
01 September 2007


Scripture Psalm 28: 7

The LORD is my strength and my shield










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Song "Hard To Say Goodbye"


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