My Walk With Sam

I took Sam to the park today,
Thinking he'd have fun.
The paths there are cool and shady,
Not much walking in the sun.

We started out side by side and,
Walking along real good.
I wondered how long it would last,
Keeping up like he should.

You see Sam has become a lazy bonz,
Doesn't like to walk too long.
He'd much rather sit on a bench,
And see what comes along.

Half a mile down that shady path,
All of a sudden we stopped.
No budging or coaxing that boy,
On his tummy he flopped!

The people walking and jogging by,
Looked and gave a smile.
I really didn't think it funny,
I wanted to walk awhile.

When I turned and started back,
He willingly came along.
We were headed toward the playground,
Where he wanted all along!

You wouldn't believe the attention he stirred;
Showed off by chasing his tail!
He pranced around and made them laugh,
Until he met a dog named Abigale!

The children forgotten as she snuggled up;
This lady stole his heart.
Oh my goodness, how he did strut!
Then it was time to part.

He fell asleep when we got home,
I'm sure dreaming of the day.
And Doggy dreams of Abigale,
Together the two in play!

I sure do love my sweet Sam,
Doesn't matter lazy or not.
When he looks at me so adoringly,
Laziness is forgot!








Song courtesy of Tam's Midis




The photo is 'Sam'  isn't he a cutie? He is South's dog...
Thank you for allowing me to use your photo, and
your poem my dear friend!


Webmistress Melva

©Silver and Gold and Thee 2004