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My sister was my special friend. I practically
raised her because our Mom was away most of
the time. My Dad, sister and I made do. I was
chief cook and bottle washer at age 12 and I was
responsible for her, she was seven years younger
than me.
She died in 1997 of Cancer. I miss her to this day.
I believe I always will.
(Cali) Carol



Today I looked out of my kitchen window perched
precariously on the sill was a small bird.
It doesn't make any difference what kind of a bird
He was but only that he was there.

For some reason I felt a sense of joy that one of
God's creatures would single out my window sill,
but I knew when I opened the latch and raised
the window ~~~ he would fly away.
To my surprise he chose to stay.

I talked softly to him and he cooed in response.
Thinking he was there for food, I crumbled some
bread and pushed it though the screen.
I must admit I thought he would take flight at
this point but again he remained gingerly
perched on the sill.

I looked to see if he was hurt ~~ no signs of injury.
After more than an hour his tiny legs folded under
him and he began to roost. This was short lived;
soon the sounds of other birds called to him and he
flew away. Immediately I felt a sense of loss, the
short interlude was over. But the little bird had
brought me a reminder of something buried in my

I had instant recall of a fact that I had learned
long ago. I was mourning the impending loss of
my dear sister and truly had not given myself
time to grieve.

What does this little bird have to do with my
sister? Simple she was like one of God's most
beautiful creatures and He is calling her home.
She will be gone from us, but our love and
prayers go with her.

We must cherish the moments we had with her,
like I did with the little bird. For it is His Will
be done and God will take her in His arms until
we meet again. We will be sad. The sorrow we
feel will be for our loss.

We will miss the joy of our loved one, her lilting
laugh, bright eyes and her intense caring for
her fellow man.
I thank God for sending me the little bird and
though he has returned for only brief moments
he has never eaten the food.
It is almost like he will come until I don't need
him anymore.
Truly His eye is on the sparrow ~~~ and me..

©Carol G. Oliver











Song: His Eye Is On The Sparrow" Courtesy of Harry Todd (the Gitpicker)

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