Looking For A Rainbow

Little Smarty Britches,
Forever on the go,
Busy as anyone can be,
Looking for a rainbow.

Troubles seems to follow,
Real close on her little heels,
Snipping at her each step,
Cute but Oh so strong willed.

Climbing trees in the woods,
Throwing mud at a passer-by.
Teasing sisters and brothers,
Until she makes them cry.

Takes the corn from the cows,
Chases the pigs in the sty,
Mother throws up her hands,
Why Little Smarty Britches Why?

She is an impressive child,
Remembers anything she's told,
Just many snags along the way,
Searching for her pot of gold.

A smile as mischievous as the come,
Devilment awash in her eyes,
Shenanigan a way of life,
In a day filled with trickery and wile.

Night time catches her in sleep,
Looks Angelic in a world of dreams,
Thinking up more annoying play,
In her quest for the Rainbow's gleam.

Lord watch over this energetic child,
She's as lovely as You will ever find,
Ready to give a loving squeeze,
Though mischief is e'er on her mind.

We thank You Jesus for her each day,
Our cute Little Smarty Britches,
Give me patience as we teach and show,
Without resorting to slender switches.

One day she will surely calm in her trek,
Bedevilment will somehow slow,
As she continues on her endless search,
Constantly looking for a rainbow.

Your gift is a precious treasure,
Always held close to our hearts,
Though the way seems ever busy,
We remember Your the Master part.

Give us strength to move onward,
Coping in love and kindness today,
As we seek the answers needed,
To find a rainbow along the way.

Gayle Davis©
21 August 2008




Song: "Somewhere Over The Rainbow" Sequenced By Bob Lang

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