Loneliness surrounds me
Because of path's I chose to take.
How I wish I could go back,
And undo my mistakes.

Live my life over,
And know what I now know.
I wouldn't make the choices
That I made so long ago.

Instead I sit here alone
Without interest in things to do.
I cry out in the night,
I need reason's to pursue.

Darkness surrounds me,
Deeper and deeper down I go,
Hurting in the deepest depth,
Silence is all there is to show.

I'd like to grasp the answers,
That would ease this loneliness,
And bring me back into the light,
So this darkness I could suppress.

Whispers tug at my mind,
Echoing from long ago,
Knocking at my mind's door,
Trying to let me know.

But fog swirls round about me,
And it travels through my mind.
As I'm reaching for the light above,
Grasping for my lifeline.

I know that God is with me,
Cause He said He'd never leave.
Yet here I am lost in darkness,
As though I don't believe.

Melva ©

This is dedicated to the
lonely, and the hurting.


Matthew 28:20

I am with you always, even unto
the end of the world. Amen.


Psalm 34:18

The Lord is nigh unto them that
are of a broken heart


Psalm 31: 14

But I trusted in thee, O Lord:
I said, Thou art my God.







Song: "You'll Never Walk Alone"  Courtesy of Gingers Place


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