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When we become older, we find that
the important things are not the
same as when we are young.

In the autumn of my life when
all seemed to be going down hill,
there came into my life someone
that has become more to me than
she may ever know.

When we met we just knew that
our life was to be connected in
such a wonderful way. There are
no words to say just what it
really is.

But, as the "Seasons Change"
we learn the value of

Thanks sis for being my friend.

© Jimmy Carden aka Jcshrimp1

In our youth many things were
so very important but as we
grow older and wiser
then suddenly the real things
that are important come to light.

Our love of Family
Our love of life
but most of all our
love of God.

Just knowing He first loved us
is the most important thing there is.
Thank you Father God of the Bible .
You loved me first












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