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My mind today goes back in time....March 2006. With
great anticipation and thankfulness I was within weeks
of embarking upon a journey....A journey of joy, happiness,
love, and memories that would surely last me a lifetime.

Little did I know then how much this adventure would
mean to me and become to mean to me in times that I
needed encouragement and love from so far away, and
yet it seems so close.

Born and raised outside a small town in North Carolina,
and spending all my life within the confines of 20 miles
never prepared me for such a sojourn. Why this place
of my dreams was thousands of miles away from tobacco,
corn and soybean fields that sprouted up around me
yearly.....and oh yes, let's not forget the cotton and
peanuts too.

You see through my travels over the W.W.W. I
have met many wonderful friends, but there was one
in particular who took up residence in the heart of
this country girl from south of the Mason Dixie Line
and her name is Melva aka Siggy to me. I had
searched all my life for such a friend. One who would
accept me for WHO I was, and WHAT I was and what
and who I was becoming.......Very ATTACHED by my
heart strings to hers.

She does make me laugh.....Oh her belly bottom laugh
is so contagious, and her dry sense of humor that
sneaks up on me like a cat would an unsuspecting
mouse. She has told me more than once,
"Oh Shy, you are so easy." hehehehehehe

Then she makes me cry when she does such unselfish
deeds, something as simple as saying "Shy, I love you
little girl." We cry together too, when we pray for
each other or for that special friend or loved one....
And then we PRAISE THE LORD together for
answering our humble prayers.

Well I was determined to meet the lady face to
face and the Lord in His goodness allowed me to do
just that!

"Siggy, I asked, what do you think about me coming
out to California to spend some time with you?"
First, there was silence, and then, "Do you really
mean it? When do you want to come? How will you
get here? Are you really serious?"

My quick reply was, "YES, whenever you say, by
plane of course, and YES, I Am Serious.!"

From that day in March 2006 until the day in April
when my flight was scheduled seemed an eternity. It
still didn't seem real, I had been to NY with Casey
for a recital at Carnegie Hall, (just had to stick that
in.....I have the proud mom syndrome big
Anyway other than that I had never been any
further north and Kentucky and Alabama was as
far  west I had ever ventured.

The day finally came and off I flew into the wild
blue yonder headed west, California, here I come!
After a delay or or two, and some exasperating
moments my plane finally touched down. The
attendant knowing about me having Fibromyalgia
was kind enough to take me in a wheel chair to meet
My Siggy for the very first time, with tears of joy
we hugged and hugged. We have been permanently
attached since that day.

So here we are a year after those plans were put
in motion, my how time flies. Again, the flowers are
pushing their little heads up to greet the Spring
and the birds are joining in harmony to sing.

On May 1st of 2006 I boarded yet another plane
COMING HOME. It was late at night, the sky
was glowing with stars and the air was filled with
bittersweet emotions. The goodbyes and I love
you's and thank you's for such a wonderful time
were overflowing from our hearts to each other.

The gifts that my precious friend had given me
didn't have to be checked as baggage.....They
were and still are tucked away to live on within
my heart and carry me through until the Lord
comes or calls for us and we meet again to abide
What a wonderful "COMING HOME" that will be.

Gifts come in all sizes and shapes,
Some wrapped up tightly, some stand agate.
The very best gift since Jesus' forgiveness,
Came from an open heart full of trust and happiness.

For this gift I am forever grateful,
And it doesn't matter if I travel west or south,
I will always be "COMING HOME"......
Without a doubt...........Love you Siggy,

Your Shy
© 2007, March 23




Midi "Morning Light"
Courtesy of  "Dolphin Dream's Quietude
Sequenced By David Lanz



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