I remember your rocking chair,
You would hold me and stroke my hair.
You rocked it gently to and fro,
You told me how you loved me so.

I always wanted to be just like you,
loving and gentle in all that you do.
It was sad when you forgot our names,
but we knew you loved us just the same.

Somewhere in your heart of hearts,
we all remained a special part.
Even though you couldn't remember the past,
you had given us memories to last.

When you struggled with names and faces,
you never forgot how to love and embrace us.
Your hugs were special and so warm,
you cradled us with your loving arms.

I loved to hear you when you laughed out loud,
life was so happy when you were around.
Your joy was spread for all to see,
you loved your entire family.

The stories you told about your life,
you never mentioned the worry or strife.
You took the best and made it known,
and you left the rest in stories untold.

Grandmothers are so special and true,
you are the greatest I ever knew.

Arona Sims
© 2001





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