He stands and looks out on the ocean
The whole world in his eyes
Dreaming of what is to come
And in what direction his future lies

His faithful dog stands at his feet
A constant companion is he
Ready to go where ever he leads
It doesn't matter where that might be

Many thoughts race through his mind
As he looks out over the sea
Thinking of the big ships out there
That travel the surface so free

Maybe someday he will be a sailor
And be Captain of a big ol' ship
Could that be in his future
To take such wonderful trips?

Or as he looks up at the sky
And sees the big jet flying so free
Perhaps he'll be a pilot
Instead of Captain of the sea

Or maybe he'll just surf the waves
Let them bring him back to shore
Feeling free as the breeze he'll ride
Then head back out to sea once more

Yep he's a boy with a dream
Or maybe two or three
As he stands and looks out there
At that big ol' deep blue sea



 Psalm 127: 3
Sons are a heritage from the Lord,
children a reward from him.





Song: "Seaside" An Original song by Esh (Jim Eshleman.ll)
A Professional Composer, Contemporary Pianist and Singer
You can visit his
Website "Esh"


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