The wings of my mind took flight one day
And I just let it sorta fly away
To see where it would finally land
It took me to the coast for a walk in the sand

As we lingered there on the beach that day
I thought, "I could learn to live this way!"
Sittin' under a big ol' umbrella there in the shade
Eatin' strawberry ice cream and sipping lemonade

I let my mind wander again just to see
Where we'd go and if we'd get in free
We wound up on the banks of the creek
Fishing was so good we stayed there for a week!

We got all cleaned up and went to the Queen's ball
I'd never been to a place so elegant that I recall
I stood on the sideline and watched the Queen
As she led the people out to dance, ummm what a scene!

We'd been 'all dressed up' much to long for my mind
We wandered back into our memories of another time
Listened to the songs we used to love to hear
Met with a few people that we held so very dear

Next we caught a flight going out of state
We really did good we got the cheapest rate!
High above the clouds we flew round and round
We soared so high we couldn't see the ground!

My mind was alive with action way up there
So I decided to just go where it dared
We wound up way over there in a foreign land
It's for sure this wasn't in my plan!

So quickly we got out of that flight
And much to my relief and delight
We landed right back here where it all began
In front of my computer, listening to the buzz of the fan!


Psalm 149:4
For the Lord takes delight in His people;
He crowns the humble with salvation.







Song "Sunlit Gardens" Courtesy of  Dolphin*s Dream

Webmistress Melva


©Silver and Gold and Thee 2004