What does love look like?
Ask me and I'll say...
It's gently folded within a small child's heart,
Where the innocence is laid.

It's the blossoms that fill my garden,
Each and every spring.
It's getting up in the mornings,
Listening to the joy...life brings.

It's the falling of the leaves,
In the colors of red and gold.
It's the wonderful and precious stories,
That once my Grandma told.

It's the sprinkle of the snowflakes,
The snow angel in my yard.
It's the time I checked my mail,
Receiving the birthday card.

It's that one true
Irreplaceable friend,
That stands by you
Till the very end.

It's in the one you wanted,
To spend the rest of your life,
Still being so very happy,
He choose you for his wife.

It's in the stars...that glitter in the heavens,
The rainbow that paints the sky.
It's in the day my children were born,
The first time I heard them cry.

I know what love looks like,
It's in everything I see.
For when I shine my light on love,
It shines right back on me.

Brenda Conley







Webmistress Melva

©Silver and Gold and Thee 2004