His name is Noah,
He is her love from days gone by
His mind is quickly slipping away
Each day brings another goodbye

Their lives are changing so rapidly
She longs for the days of old
To go back to the way they were
Young, and carefree and bold

All of his life he'd loved to tease her
It's a part of him she holds so dear
She misses their playfulness so much
She sighs, as she wipes away a tear

Memories flow into her heart
As gentle as a sweet summers dawn
As she recalls things in their life
To their love for each other she's drawn

Their love has kept them together
Through many trails and tribulations
Even while Noah was fighting in the war
Far away in a different nation

He'd come home a changed man
He had been through so much over there
Tears stream from her eyes
As she remembers how his heart he did bare

Now he's leaving her again
In a much different and sadder way
This time he will never return to her
As each day his mind slips further away




Song "The Way We Were" Courtesy of Ginger

Webmistress Melva

©Silver and Gold and Thee 2004