The first day of Spring has arrived
When all that is dormant will come alive.
Not all at once, but bit by bit
This time of the year is a major hit.

Beautiful wildflowers on all of the hills!
To see the array of colors is such a thrill.
A drive in the country is a real treat,
The aroma in the air is oh so sweet.

The yellow spirea soon will blossom out,
With no signs of foliage yet to sprout.
The busy honey bees swarm round and round
Seeking the first nectar that can be found.

The birds are chasing each other around,
Gathering twigs and grass from the ground.
Their nests will be full of babies before long
Then daddy bird will fly around singing his song.

Everywhere you look, you see little signs
Of Spring popping out, Oh how Divine!
Buttercups, Iris, and Tulips too
Will be opening their faces for us to view.

Sorta reminds me of our life
Dormant and cold before we meet Christ.
Warm and vibrant after He enters in,
And then our life really begins.

Written by Shy and Siggy


John: 3 -3

Jesus answered and said unto him,
Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except
a man be born again, he cannot see
the kingdom of God.







Song "Amapola" Played by Ginger Haydon


The beautiful art is with permission from Mark Keathley

Webmistress Melva

©Silver and Gold and Thee 2004
















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