Silver and Gold and Thee



Hot summer days are coming to an end
Gone will be the days at the beach with friends
Building sandcastles and watching the birds play
Simple things to enjoy on a summers day!

Watching children playing on the beach
Venturing out into the water knee deep
Mom's keen eyes watching from near by
As they romp and play under the blue sky

She's sitting under her umbrella sipping her drink
As dad lies on the blanket trying for forty winks
A horse goes loping along with a rider on his back
A dog following close carrying a little backpack

A vendor comes by pushing his booth
Selling snow cones and candy for their sweet tooth
Couples strolling along holding hands
Enjoying the moment, forgetting life's demands

What fun it is to be at the beach one last time
Before summer ends and Autumn bells chime
Leading into a colorful new season of bliss
As September winds briskly leave with a kiss







Music courtesy of Dalphins Dreams

Mask for bar from Angelkeeper Designs

Graphics and Quick page from Adak


Webmistress Melva

©Silver and Gold and Thee 2004








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