Silver and Gold and Thee



The old home place stands all alone
Forgotten by most who once called it home
The house has fallen and been moved away
But I remember when we kids used to run and play

Dad fixed us a swing in the big tree out there
I can almost see it as we flew so high in the air
More than once I fell out of that swing flying so high
Momma tried to keep an eye on us, but we were very sly

We'd meet the neighbor kids down at the swimming hole
And Bobby and I would slip away and go for a stroll
We weren't old enough to go out on a real date
But we already knew we were gonna be soul mates

We'd walk for about a mile East on that dirt road
To get to the little church where the Spirit flowed
Us kids would always show our best manners there
We knew if we didn't we'd just better beware!

The country store was a couple of miles to the West
They had chocolate ice cream there that was the best
The pasture out in the back of the place
Was where dad taught us to ride our horse ol' Grace

It looks so lonely and forgotten and left behind
Yet in my memory it'll always be intertwined
As I bring to remembrance when we all lived here
In that beautiful old house that has now disappeared


Proverbs 22 ~ 28
Remove not the ancient landmark, which
thy fathers have set.






Song "Funny How Time Slips Away" Courtesy of  Jack's Midis

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©Silver and Gold and Thee 2004