The 50's, those were the days My friend
And we truly did think they'd never end
We had favorite place's where we'd go to hang out
We thought we were sooo 'cool'~ without a doubt!

We loved the 'Malt Shop' where the gang all met
On Saturday afternoon's, that date was set
Then the drive inn movie on Saturday night
Wearing our Levi's, our shirt collars tipped upright

The penny loafers were quite a treat
A shinning new penny to display was so neat
Or maybe you preferred the black and white's
Both kind were cool, and both were 'alright'

The food was the best too, back then
A hamburger and a malt, we didn't worry about being thin
We'd never heard of a thing called saturated fat
And if we had a', we'd a laughed and said, "Imagine that!"

We loved to put a quarter in the jukebox and play
Our favorite songs that was popular those days
For a quarter you could 'spin' three 45's
Rock and roll was in, and that ain't no jive

Elvis was top's back then, and oh we loved him so
Such a good looking guy, and the way he moved, he was a Pro!
But we loved to dance to the ALL the songs of the day
There in that little Malt Shop where we'd meet and play

Friday night football games at home and away
Was something we looked forward to each and every day
Lessons and learning should have been higher on our list
Yet it wasn't often that our classes were missed

Homecoming King and Queen was top of the list
More often than not it brought a stolen kiss
Pep rallies were so much fun and eagerly planned
To push our team on to excel and expand!

Sometimes I'd like to go back to the way it was then
To relive those days with all my friends
But alas, time has moved way on down the line
Yet forever in my heart those days will be intertwined





 Song courtesy of Jack's Midi Music~Songs of the 50's and 60's

Thank You John for allowing me to use the wonderful photos of YOU! 
You're a true child of the 50's and you have the best Website featuring music of that era!

Webmistress Melva

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