Echoing memories of things in the past
From days of Long ago that did lot last
Filling old iron pots to boil the wash
Using lye soap that was so harsh.

The clothesline was like a newspaper
To strangers that happened to pasts by
The neighborhood already knew your secrets
When fresh washed clothes were hung to dry.

To friends and neighbors washday was a link
Always knowing when company came by
They could see the new embroidered sheets
And brand new towels hung up to dry
Neighbors also knew when you were gone
The clothesline hung empty and bare
But they always knew when you returned
Washday the lines filled without an inch to spare.

Now as these things pass through my mind
I thank God for the wonderful memories
They are simple treasures of a lifetime
Of many things and left behind.

Glenna M. Baugh © 2009
Living by Faith

~Beautiful old memories
should never be forgotten~
~Quote by Glenna~

From Psalm 150
Let every thing that hath breath Praise the LORD.
Praise ye the LORD.






Song "The Entertainer"  By Perfessor Bill Edwards

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