I came quite close to visit
This lovely autumn day,
To see just how you're doing
A little message to convey..

I didn't stay back in the shadows
But came right to the fore,
To open wide your gate latch
And knock upon your door.

For a closer look into your life
To read if you're alright,
By mind's eye to perceive
What is your present plight.

And God would tell me, love
Love, my friend this very day,
So, here I come with prayers
To warm your heart always.

With a kind and precious autumn
Of gifts from His own hand,
May your heart be very blessed
With all our Father's planned.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems © Sept 2009
Poetry from the Heart

We all require beauty,
a place for the heart to rest and be made whole,
where God may heal and give
strength to spirit and to soul.





Song ~ "Leaves" ~ Bonita Luciotti


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