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Up, up, up and away you go
Sailing high and sailing low
Almost touching the ground as you spin
Trying to glide upon the wind

Your colors so brilliant against the sky
I watch you soar as you fly
What a delight you are to me
As I chase you through the field with glee!

Then alas! All of a sudden the wind stops
And you come falling as a spinning top!
Your beauty lies crumpled at my feet
I lift you gently, feeling such defeat!

But into the repair shop you will go
Because once again you will flow
And we will race with the wind
As I take you out for another spin!


Our spirit soars as God lifts us up
But satan likes to pull us down!
We must remember to keep our eyes
on Jesus, who always lifts us higher
than we ever dreamed we could be!

Psalm 9:10
And they that know thy name will put
their trust in thee: for thou, Lord,
hast not forsaken them that seek thee.






Midi by Janice Wilson

Webmistress Melva

©Silver and Gold and Thee 2004








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