The warm summer breeze is gone
The birds no longer sing their song
Snowflakes are gently falling in the lea
A beautiful scene for me to see

I sit on my window seat
The fireplace crackling, throwing out heat
So cozy and warm in here
As through my window I do peer

The snow is piling up out there
The trees are no longer bare
In the forks of every limb
Rests drifts of white lacy trim

Oh, there's a beautiful doe under the tree
Also looking out toward the lea
Perhaps her mate is waiting out there
He wouldn't leave her cause they're a pair

As the evening comes to a close
I'm glad I've had this time to repose
Tomorrow we will play in the snow
And make snowballs we can throw

We'll make snow ice cream too
A special treat for me and you
And build a big ol' snowman
For that we don't need a master plan

I close the curtains as darkness appears
These memories will be a souvenir
Of the first snowfall in Virginia this year
As the lacy flakes fall so gentle and sheer







Song "Let It Snow" Courtesy of  Christmas Songs

Webmistress Melva 2004