Remembering My Childhood
By Martha Smith

I was thinking of my childhood and remembering
my teacher (first my parents in the home read
God's Word and lived it) read the Bible, and we would
all pray in the classroom. She would ask if any of us
had prayer requests. And she listened, and then she prayed.

Wow, how proud we were to pledge Allegiance to the
Flag of the U.S.

How we were always "concerned" that we might
disobey our teacher and our parents. And how
we wanted everyone to be proud of us and
our accomplishments, and did not want to let people
down, or God.

And I remember how we knew our neighbors
and how they cared for one another, whatever
someone needed, they were there.

And how my church was foremost in my family's
life, after the home.. .how my parents gave me
piano lessons, and I went to mission activities
and to Christian camp. And how they worked
hard to send me to college, and I also worked
in the summers.

How my Dad worked from Monday - Saturday,
but did not work on Sunday, the Lord's Day.
He got up at 5:00 a.m. and worked till 6:30 p.m.

How he was kind, yet strong, how he was a WWII
Marine, and was proud of it. How he loved his country,
and I can weep right now, thinking of when he died
at the age of 87, the U.S. Flag/for veterans was
placed on top of his casket. And the taps were
played for him.

How my Mom chose to stay home to raise me,
although we did need the money. However, not
one word of conflict or needing money was voiced
in my family. I thought we had everything we needed
and more, and you know what, we did. We had love
and understanding, and respect and security.

I went to bed feeling so safe, Jesus my Savior,
and my parents who would protect me from all
bad things, as I said my prayers each night
and grace before meals.

I long to see my Mom at the clothes line hanging
her clothes. She taught me how to do that. She
would say, "Now, Martha, remember to hang
the shirts by their "tails" and put the clothespins
there, not around the collar. And use just one
clothespin for two wash cloths, and towels, it
will save on the clothespins.

And she taught me how to be a lady, proud of
my heritage, and proud to be a young woman
who would save herself for her groom.

I could go on and on. And it was not difficult
at all to decide (at the age of 9) to become
a Christian, I had the best examples in the world
my parents.

My parents were just as proud of my being
a summer missionary in Arizona to the Navajo people
as they were when I graduated from College, and then
from seminary. They loved Jesus. And so do I.

Martha Smith





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