I heard it's whispers soft
Upon the window pane,
A little leaf flew by
Then fell beneath the rain.

I looked on high and saw
The tree there bursting forth,
In colors rich and ruby red,
The golden rust it wore.

And then, I wished my friend
Was standing there with me,
To watch the autumn come
And enjoy all that I see.

So we could talk and muse
And walk beneath the trees,
Crunch, crunch along the pathway
On pretty fallen leaves.

Then toss them in the air
With sweet abandonment,
And kick those leaves about
With gladsome sweet content.

Oh, don't we love the autumn
God's gift of ruby red....
I pray the grandest moments
For my lovely autumn friend.

Soft whispers from

Derry's Heart Poems © Sept 2009
Poetry from the Heart

I would like to send you autumn leaves, or twinkles of a star;
Or a tiny piece of downy fleece, that clings to cloud afar.
I would like to send you dewdrops, soft at break of day;
And then, at night, God's sparkly light, that mantles Milky Way.
But these are just wild dreams, so I'll send you love my friend;
I'll clasp your hand,
you'll understand,
the things I left unsaid.





Song ~ Grandia Justin and Feena's Love Song


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