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I think I saw your face today
In the bright morning sun
Then an angel softly said to me
"Their work on earth is done."

I think I heard your voice today
The happiness of your laugh
And then I heard the angel say
"He has given them peace at last."

I think I felt your touch today
In a breeze as it passed me by
And then the angel said to me
"Their spirit shall never die."

I know I saw my broken heart
As I looked up at the moon
And then the angel whispered
"Our Lord is coming soon."

I knew you had left me
For Heaven so far above
But the angel spoke loud and clear
"They left you with so much love."

Oh my dearest I miss you so
I'll never find my way
And then I heard the angel say
"They are with you every day."

The stars, the moon, the sun that shines
Will always be around
As you remember the love you shared
And the peace they now have found.


Ginny Bryant©

Journey Of Love

~Dedicated to our fallen angels at VA TECH~


NOTE: Ginny's poetry and verse is Copyright through
the Library Of Congress and cannot be copied
or used by whole or part in any way without her
written permission....



Psalm 30: 10

Hear, O LORD, and have mercy
upon me: Lord, be thou my helper.









Song: "My Heart Will Go On" Courtesy of  "Midi Dolphin's Quietude"




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