What can I say about a person whom I've known
mostly through his poetry?

And from his brief emails, and the few times he
would leave a message in my guestbook... I knew
through those that Roger loved God and tried
his best to honor Him.

He was a modest man who humbly took compliments
and praise for himself with apprehension.
He wrote about lots of subjects, his family being one
so precious to him.
He'd take a walk and come home and write a
poem about all that the beauty that we tend to
take for granted.

He loved to write and I believe that he did so
every day, even if it was just a verse or two,
he expressed his feelings eloquently on paper.

I am honored to have had his friendship, and also
to have a few of his wonderful poems on my
He is missed deeply, but to know that he is home
with Jesus, whom He loved so much, gives a bit
of peace.
He wrote often of how heaven would be, and
about his home going.

Rog, thank you for sharing your wisdom, wit, encouragement, and the gifts that God
  so generously gave you, with all of us!

I'll see ya...

I hope their road home was an easy one
with fields of green along the way
That old friends met and joined the sojourn
on that glad homecoming day

I hope the golden sun was shining brightly
on this final journey that they made
And Oak trees were scattered along the road
to give this weary traveler shade

I hope it was all their gone ahead loved ones
that at those golden gates they met
and that they saw the sweet faces of all their angels
before the evening sun had set

© Roger Eugene Corell, 2008







Song: Marty Raybon "Beulah Land"

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