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You ask me if there's dogs in heaven
That's an answer only you may know
But there's a few things I will tell you
Unconditional love they will bestow

From God's Treasure Chest of Love
With His Wisdom and Blessing's He sends
The greatest joy into our lives
And they do become our very best friends

They learn all about us
We can live in a mansion or a shack
They'll adapt to living with us
And their love they'll never hold back

When we laugh, they bounce all around
Barking and dancin' with joy
Knowing we are so happy
They love the things we enjoy

They know when we're sad
Happy, tired, or just plain weary
Always there to give us courage
To face the things of which we're leery

Of all the things I've learned in life
One of the most important I've found
Is to appreciate and take care of
The love in their heart that abounds







Song: "Wind Beneath My Wings" Courtesy Dolphin Dreams

Webmistress Melva

©Silver and Gold and Thee 2004