Remembering A Very Special Friend

Who would have thought when we ventured into
the world wide web that we would meet and come
to love so many friends.
Wonderful Christian friends who care about you
and yours. Today we are sad to convey to you the
sudden passing of such a friend.
Nann Darst from Arkansas
left this world on Monday, October 26th, 2009.

Remembering A Very Special Friend

I met Nann in 2004, she was one of the first I met
on the Internet, and she was a hard act to follow...
We met through a prayer group that we were both in,
and she was always full of life, laughter and fun,
very seldom that I know of, did she get down in the
dumps or let much pull her down...
She was a friend to so many and I never knew anyone
that had met her that didn't think she was a special lady...

Her family was so important to her and she was so
proud of everyone of them...She loved to share stories
and pictures of them....She will be missed by many...

I miss her....

Melva aka Siggy:

Nann was one of my very first internet friends as well.
Through Siggy I became acquainted with her and she
accepted me right away and faithfully stayed in touch.
Sometimes she would write just to say hello and see how
my day was going and she would always share neat and
sometimes funny stuff with me. She was a big fan of
the polka and loved to share videos of the dance or audios
of great polka music. It was often a beautiful powerpoint
display. She found some of the most beautiful
and unusual ones.

Nann was a person who loved people and loved a good
clean joke too. I will never forget her loving and caring
ways or the friendship she extended me since 2004.

I miss her greatly.

When I started "Shy's Friends" and invited her to
be part of the website she immediately said she would
love to. She sent what she had written about herself
and also several photos of herself and her children and

Her family meant the world to her and she loved
them better than life itself.

Shirley aka Shy:

Please visit the link below to read about
Nann and what she wrote about herself....

Link to Read What Nann Wrote


The link below will take you to the obituary for
Nann, there is an option to send a message
to her family and friends.




Why say a last goodbye to you?
You aren't that far away, it's true.
You are gone; but only for a while.
Soon, again, I'll see that smile.

A friend beyond the simple kind
Who sees into my heart, and mind.
Who understands when things go awry,
Is sympathetic when a girl needs to cry.

In the meantime, you will always be
Locked safely in my memory.
A shoulder to cry on, a hand to cling to,
Some one to laugh with, some one to sing to.

There will be no last goodbye from me.
I will hold you in my reverie.

©January 26 2009




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