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Lord, who am I that You would care?
I am no one, I'm just here.
No my precious, you are Mine.
Blessed, chosen, the plan was Mine.

Formed in secret; by My Hand,
Here to fulfill My Holy Plan.
Touching lives, showing love,
Turning lives to Jesus above.

You are needed, can't you see,
What would the world do, without you or Me?
Your are no accident, to be here at this time.
It is by My order, quite divine.

You are to tell others of My Love,
Showing them hope, and peace from above.
Then I'll come to take you there,
To my Father's House, where there'll be no care.

Open your heart and truly share,
With others who have so much to bear.
It honors Me, I am very proud,
To love you, my chosen child.

I hear every cry, every prayer,
And some day, I'll come to take you there.
To paradise to live with Me;
Where your heart, and soul will soar and be free.
You'll be back to the beginning, with me.

What a glorious hope we have, eternity with
Jesus Christ.

May you be blessed.

Given to me, by HIM, for His Glory.

Linda Brooks
© July 24, 2007









Song: "My Jesus" Courtesy of Quality Christian Midis

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