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Wonderful Words of Life!
So Precious and so true
Given to us through the Holy Spirit
Saved through the years for me and you!

Through faith our eyes are opened,
To the Light of God's promise's true.
That's when His Word comes alive,
And our life will begin anew.

The core of God's Word
Is forgiveness and love,
Which is impossible to do and show,
Without the anointing of the Dove.

The Word can melt a hardened heart,
And hold us up when we're faint.
Can give us courage to overcome,
And strengthen our restraint.

If we'll use Godly Wisdom
He'll protect us through His Word.
It's written to guide our life,
If we'll heed what we've read and heard.













Song: The Love Of God" Courtesy of Mary's Gospel Midi Haven

Webmistress Melva

ŠSilver and Gold and Thee 2004