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Do you know GOD'S love for you?
It is unconditional and will see you through.

When there is nothing left

You don't know what to do.
Turn to Jesus and He will renew.

When in turmoil, you have no rest,
So in trouble, deeply stressed.
Satan is sending all this to test,
If you will start to second guess.

Just cry out Jesus!

He will not fail.
He will put a halt to the devil's evil trail.
It may not be what we think is best.
But Jesus will provide for us, we will be blessed.

HE is the answer.

Yes it's true.

Help for me, help for you.

I pray you call, out his name.
Your life will never be the same.
May GOD richly bless you.
He is calling you name !

Given by the Lord, for his Glory!
2007 August 7
Linda G. Brooks©

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Song: "Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus"


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