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I'm so blessed to have you Lord,
Your mercy set me free,
You took the pain and sadness,
And set my spirit free.

What could I do to thank you,
To let you know I care,
All I do seems so little,
When your mercy keeps me here.

My love for you is endless,
It keeps my fears away.
I live with anticipation,
Of heaven with you someday.

Praise you blessed Jesus,
For filling me with hope!
YOU are my source of strength and love,
When I'm at the end of my rope.

You come and wipe the tears,
And tell me it will be ok.
That you're my source and strength,
I will make it today!

I pray the Lord will fill you,
That you will truly know,
That no matter what you are facing,
He will never let you go.

He is full of compassion, He really does care,
All you have to do it cry JESUS,
He will be there.

Written for My LORD JESUS.
May GOD bless you and fill you with
renewed hope, peace, joy and HIS love.

Linda Brooks
© July 19, 2007









 Song: "Thank You Lord" Courtesy Lorain County Free-Net Chapel

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