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By Your Spirit

By Your Spirit's Love, I am drawn.
Each day brings a  sweeter dawn.
There's such joy when I arise,
And my spirit looks into Your Eyes.

You're the Air that I breathe.
It's so hard for me to conceive,
How very much You love me,
And how Your Love has set me free!

The Peace You give to me,
As I bow down before Thee,
Fills my spirit to overflowing,
Because of the Love You are showing.

The Holy Spirit show's to me
What You want me to see.
The strength I need to follow You
He gives to me each day anew.

A deeper relationship I do seek.
I open my spirit to hear You speak.
Draw me ever closer to You,
It's Your desire ~ that I pursue.

Revised 2007, April 13

Scripture: John 16: 13

Howbeit when he, the Spirit of
truth, is come, he will guide you
into all truth: for he shall not
speak of himself; but whatsoever
he shall hear, that shall he speak













Song "The Air I Breathe" Courtesy of Dolphins Dream Quietude


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