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In the shadow of His Cross,
I found a place for me.
How it loomed so big
So that all could see.

I felt hot tears
Running down my face.
Such horrible agony I saw,
As in the shadows was my place.

How could One so loving
Be so misunderstood?
How could such horrible cruelty
Be inflicted on One so good?

Blood, sweat, tears were all mingled,
As He suffered such pain.
As in the shadow, there I stood,
As He suffered such disdain.

There, from the shadows,
I could hear Him pray,
"Father forgive them, Hold no charge,
Forgive them this sin-filled day.

In the shadows I cried.
He spoke to His mother from earth ,
"Woman behold thy Son,
Destined for this from my birth."

In the shadows of His cross,
I trembled with fear and dread;
His mother not understanding
That He came for this prepared.

Then, He cried aloud,
"Father, why has Thou forsaken me?"
As He bore my load of sin
Upon that roman tree.

In the shadow, I stood
Helpless, tormented in my own shame,
As He reached depths of unspeakable pain
To write , in His Blood, my name.

Such Mercy, such Precious Love,
Kept Him there, that day
For, to make a path to heaven
For me, He made a way.

In the shadow of His cross,
His Blood on me did fall.
As His Great Love only grew,
For me, He gave His all.

How do I begin to fathom this
As I felt such a deathly loss?
I knelt in complete surrender
In the shadow of His cross.

Sandy Griffin
© 2003



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Song: "Beneath The Cross Of Jesus"
Courtesy of 'Classical Christian Midi Music'



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