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How do I see the future
when I cannot find my past,
How do I build foundations
That I know are going to last.

With bits and pieces missing
and secrets kept from me,
How do I stop the questions
and find serenity.

My mind is always traveling
down roads that I create,
Where quests are finally finished
and much sought answers wait.

Scenario's repeat themselves
With solutions changed each time,
I roll the imaginary film
and ending I could not find.

My head is always in the clouds
my feet not near the ground,
Can you hear my constant secret prayer,
the song that has no sound.

My heart will always be tied
to another time and place,
Until I find the passage
to that secluded hidden place.

Where it all started long ago
or once upon a time,
Each day until I find the path
I'm searching for those hidden signs.

The one's that will point out the way
the direction I should go,
To stop this life long puzzle
and the past I want to know.

Linda Ann Henry
Do you remember me
The people's poet











Song "As The Deer Panteth"

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