Fear not, I have redeemed thee.
I have called thee by thy name.
When you walk through the fire,
You'll not scorch from its flame.

I am the Lord your God
The One of Israel.
I gave Egypt for thy ransom
My child you shall not fail.

I am God Jehovah.
I am the First and Last.
Yea; I am the Beginning,
The Future and the Past.

I bring Light to Darkness.
Crooked places I make straight.
I am the Key to Heaven.
My child I am the Gate.

I'm the One who brings good tidings.
No mountain is too high.
I can reach the deepest valleys
All tears I can wipe dry.

With whom will you take counsel
To meet your greatest need?
The Maker of the Universe
Hears every cry and plea.

The workman molds an image.
The goldsmith spreads with gold.
Yet there's none that can compare
Or have ye not been told?

Fear not for I am with thee.
Be not dismayed my child.
I am always with thee,
To walk with thee each mile.

Put on Strength O Zion,
And wear this garment well.
Arise out of the ashes,
For I hold the keys to Hell.

I'll carry all your burdens
If you will lay them down.
I will go before you,
Lift you to higher ground.

No weapon formed against you,
Shall prosper or be blessed.
For I am the Mighty Army,
In Me you can have rest.

My hand is not too short
That it cannot save.
The God of your Salvation,
Is here for you today.

ŠSherri Puckett








Song "Lord You Are So Beautiful" Courtesy of  Quality Christian Midis

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