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How can we face another day,
When one we love is gone.
It’s very hard to carry on,
And days just seem so long.

We hurt inside and tears we shed,
Because we miss them so.
Hard to reason and understand,
Why they had to go.

We think of them all through the day,
So hard for us to part;
Cry out for God to take the pain,
That overwhelms our heart.

God tells us that He is with us,
I know His word is true.
He speaks throughout His holy Word,
Sends hope to me and you.

Accept His love and comfort and,
Give Him your aching heart.
He’ll wrap his arms around you and,
From you He will not part!

Soon a day will come and go that,
You will smile once more.
As you recall the memories,
That last forevermore.




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Midi: "A Shield About Me" ~ Courtesy of " Quality Christian Music"

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