~I am Free~


 I've never envied others, I have truly always been happy for
others success's in life...Their new cars, homes,
furniture, career's, money, fame, just however the people I
knew advanced in life, I have always been happy for them...
...I still am...



after I was 'Born Again' by the Spirit of my Father, I have
found something that I do envy, and sometimes cry for...I have
met a lot of people who were born again when they were young,
and have known, and LIVED for Jesus most of their lives, and
I do envy that very much....


If I could go back to my younger days and begin anew, and
KNOW what I know now, I would have accepted Him into my
heart and life when I was young...He would have saved me from
so much misery that I have lived through, and most of it was
my own foolishness... They saw hindsight is 20/20, and I
agree with that totally!


My Grandmother taught me about Jesus....She was a Christian lady,
so because of her 'teaching' I did believe Jesus was real, but I
didn't accept Him as my Savior, back then...


The year I got saved, God began to make me aware of certain things
in my life that I had never noticed before....During the summer I also
noticed that I was coming in contact with people who were Christians...
Much more than usual...


One special lady, that became a sweet friend to me, who worked as
a secretary where I was working at that time, began to subtly speak
of the things of God, in such a way as not to scare me away....

Looking back I know that God knew just who to use in helping to
open my blinded eyes....I had many problems in my life, and she knew
that I needed Jesus in my life, but I didn't know that, so my Sweet
Jesus used this precious friend to help me to see...


But that was during the summer, and I just wasn't "Ready" yet....I began
to watch a bit of preaching on the TV. once in awhile, and I knew I needed
to say the prayer with them when they would end the preaching,
(what they call the sinner's prayer)
but I would always get right to the last sentence, to ask Jesus in and I
would draw back, I just couldn't do that, not yet....I was miserable at this
time too, and cried a lot, but I had no idea that I was under powerful
conviction from my Father....


All during this time satan was whispering in my ear and telling me that I
had waited to long, and I couldn't be forgiven, because I had committed
to many sin's, and such junk as that, and I was believing him, yet I was
beginning to wonder if that was true...


Then one Sunday my Daughter (who is one of the greatest treasures of my life)
decided to go to church....There was a small church right across the street
from her and she went this Sunday which was November 22, 1987, I remember
because when she got out of church that day she called me, and said

"Mom I got saved today!"


Well I was soooo happy for her, cause I knew her fate was sealed! You
see I knew, (even then before I was saved,) that when a person accepts
Jesus into their heart, it is an Eternal Salvation...I believe He keeps us
saved, if He didn't I'd never make it........But back to my testimony...


I got to thinking now she's going to go someplace that I can't go with her....
And that just about broke my heart....I let a couple of Sunday's go by
before I decided to go to church with her...The Sunday I decided to go,
I cried all through the church service, and couldn't wait to get OUT of
that place! I ran from that building as soon as I could get out without
being so conspicuous....


But the next Sunday I was right back at that church again, even thought I
didn't want to go, I just felt drawn to go...This Sunday was quite different,
I did cry all through the service and when the preacher ended the message,
he gave the alter call asking if anyone wanted to accept Jesus into their
heart, (and they kept playing and singing the song "Just As I Am") and I
kept sitting there ~ crying...All of a sudden that preacher said,
"If there's someone here who is trying to make that decision to accept Jesus
into your heart, satan will try his best to keep you from coming up here."


Well, when he said that I thought "satan has had my life all of my life, and
it's over cause I am done with him," and I tell you a fact, I thought my feet
had 'wings' that Sunday morning, they did fly me up there, and I did the best
and wisest thing that I had ever done in my life, I asked Jesus to forgive me,
and accept me into His Family!


And I Praise Him for His faithfulness, cause He did! I truly did reach out
my hand to Him and He grabbed it, and pulled me in, and He has held on to
me since that day...And He will kept holding me throughout my life here on
this earth...The date of my new birth was December 20, 1987...


I have heard so many people say that He won't keep you from heartaches and
problems and I know that is the truth, but my life has been so much sweeter,
and easier since I met Him, till even the heartaches are easier to face...My
life HAS been changed, and it is sooooooo much better! He has made life
easier for me, every day!


If you are reading this and you don't know Jesus, there's just not enough
words in the dictionary to tell you how Wonderful He is! Or how very
much He loves you! And how happy you will be if you make the decision to
let Him into your heart...


It is a simple thing to accept Him into your heart and life and be born again
by His Spirit...The only catch is that you have to want Him more than anything
in your life...In other words you have to truly mean it...It's a heart thing,
not a head thing....


If you will ask Him in He will come in and truly you will never be the same!
And there will never be a day that you will regret it!


I love Him with all that's in me, and thank Him for what He's done for me...
I also love this family He has put me into...They are awesome!



Scripture: John 3:3

Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee,
Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.


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