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The charm of a sunset I cannot capture,
Or carve a mountain high,
Sculpt a majestic eagle's wings,
Or paint rainbows across the sky...

Clothe one tree with leaves
Of glorious colors of crimson and gold,
Or bring to it greening in Springtime,
'Cause sweet roses' petals to unfold.

I cannot feather a sparrow,
Or create for the fish one fin.
Mold for the peacock its brilliant plume,
Build a nest the birds could live in.

But, there is a Mighty Sovereign,
The Creator of all things who can,
With the voice of many waters,
Calm raging seas at His command.

And when I am confused and troubled,
As a storm toss'd vessel at sea
That Voice simply speaks, "Peace, Be Still"
Restoring to me sweet tranquility.

Mary Carter Mizrany
© 2002


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"On Wings Of Faith"
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Mark 4:39

And He arose, and rebuked the wind,
and said unto the sea, Peace, Be Still.
And the wind ceased, and there
was a great calm.










Music : "When You Pass Through The Waters"
Courtesy of Hamblen and Hamblen Music


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