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I looked into a mirror,
Amazed at what I saw,
For the only question I could ask,
Was, “What was I here for?”

Looked at the reflection there,
And saw my sunken fears,
The more I thought about my days,
The more I felt some tears.

For I surely felt like crying,
And let my tears now flow,
So everyone around me,
Could see those tears now show.

I had to ask the question,
Why did I feel so low?
Surely there was another direction,
In which I could myself go.

So I moved from that reflection,
That was looking back at me,
And thought just a while longer,
Where was I meant to be?

As I sat there thinking,
I recalled things I’d been told,
Stories from years ago,
Now thousands of years old.

I realised I was lost,
In all humanity,
And to change the way that I was going,
Was the only way to be.

So I sat there on my lonesome,
And felt I had to share,
So I spoke directly to my God above,
And offered up a prayer.

I didn’t ask for riches,
Or wealth, or gold, or kind,
All I asked was that God help me,
To have some peace of mind.

Those few words I had spoken,
Much better made me feel,
As I realized what I’d forgotten,
That my God, He was so real.

Sometimes we take for granted,
Those things that have no cost,
And if we don’t think properly,
We soon too will become just lost.

For love of God costs nothing,
Except a prayer or two,
So He will always know,
You don’t always think of you.

Remember that we’re only lost,
If that path we choose to tread,
But if we recall within our hearts,
That Christ rose from the dead.

He proved to us always,
No matter what the sin,
If we seek forgiveness and redemption,
We will always win.

So when you look into a mirror,
Don’t be scared of what you see,
Instead just tell that reflection,
I know Christ died for me.

©Copyright Dark Blue Knight ~ Eddie
7th March 2005
All Rights Reserved


Scripture from John 11

Jesus said to her,
"I am the resurrection and the life.
He who believes in me will live, even
though he dies; and whoever lives
and believes in me will never die.
Do you believe this?"







Song: "He Touched Me"
Courtesy of "Rose's Front Porch"
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