Do You Hear The Distant Sound


Do you hear the distant sound
What could it be, that's coming down
The sound of horse's galloping near
Why are there people crouching in fear

The sound of a trumpet loud
Echoing through the clouds
Could it be the day has come
For the Lord's bride to go home

He'll come with a shout of acclamation
His voice will be heard in every nation
If you are not ready to hear this shout
You need to bow before Him, without doubt

Ask the Lord of Hosts to let you in
Through Jesus blood forgive your sin
Before he shuts the door and it's too late
The slam of that door, will seal your fate

He holds the keys to Heaven and hell
It's time to decide where you will dwell
Give up lust and foolish pride
Open your heart, let Jesus inside

This may be your final call
No one knows for sure, at all
But the Creator of earth and man
For He's the One with the Master plan

Shy and Siggy


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Music: "Awakened" Written and Sequenced by Siregar and Gentry

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