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I've learned a few things in the course of hardship
that are priceless, steadfast and true.
I've learned no matter how hard this life gets
the Lord won't forget about you.

I've learned that at times your spirit gets tired
and your faith can get low and depleted.
But the faithfulness of God never gets exhausted
and comes in to supply what is needed.

I've learned you can live through enormous crisis
that doesn't seem to have reason or rhyme.
But somehow and some way God turns them to riches
through His wisdom and passage of time.

I've learned that the deficits and shortages of life
were not meant to cause heartache or shame.
For they made me look up to God's well of provision
and trust in the strength of His name.

I've learned it's the hard times that teach us the most
about God and His character of old.
For it's during those seasons I clung to His Word
and every promise that He's ever told.

I've been refined in my heart and my mind
because He tendered me through difficult years.
And faith found a garden in the soil of my heart
that was watered by all of my tears.

© Sheila Gosney


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Song: "No Ome Ever Cared For Me Like Jesus" Courtesy of Rose McKinley

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