When there are things I think about
Yet truly don't understand
I say a prayer to my Lord Jesus
To give me a helping hand.

You see Heaven is on my mind
I wonder how it must be
I am not afraid of the journey
But wouldn't it be nice to see?

He tells me my eyes won't see the beauty
Until I make that trip home
And He tells me not to be afraid
For I will not be alone.

He gives me a hint of what to expect
A picture He places in my mind
Where the sun shines forever
On lovely flowers of every kind.

The trees and grass is very green
The sky always blue above
No sorrow, pain or war is there
Only happiness and love.

We will see our love ones and our friends
God will oversee it all
The entrance gate is solid gold
And only opens at His call.

Angels of glory will be present
To greet us with music so sweet
And our Lord will open wide His arms
Each one who is called He will greet.

The precious little animals
That He loves so very much
Will roam the grounds of Heaven
Will be tame to our very touch.

He has made Heaven our final home
We will live with Him together
As we seek our Saviors precious face
And be with Him forever.

Ginny Bryant©
Journey Of Love

(I do believe that many of us have thought
and wondered what Heaven will be like yet
we truly cannot be sure except for what the
bible has described for us. The above is my
interpretation after as much research as I could
find as to what I believe Heaven will be like. This is
only my thoughts alone and may not be as
other may believe.)


NOTE: Ginny's poetry and verse is Copyright through
the Library Of Congress and cannot be copied
or used by whole or part in any way without her
written permission....


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Song: "How Beautiful Heaven Must Be"

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