Mama's Prayers

Late at night when all was quiet,
The sounds of Mama's Prayers,
Gently floated through out the house,
You could feel her burdens and cares.

Crying out to the Lord in the night,
Praying for our welfare and needs,
Placing her trust in the Master,
Knowing no one else supersedes.

I could sense the tears she shed,
Hear the love in her voice,
I knew all of my life that,
Living for God was her choice.

She worked hard each day,
No modern amenities to help,
Complaining was not her way,
Faith deeply planted she kept.

Thank You Lord for the Blessings,
Given in great love and care,
Thank You for giving enough so with,
Others in need I can share.

Thankful for the sunshine,
The gently falling rain,
Words of her blessings as,
They rang out again and again.

Life was hard back then yet,
Mama always found time to pray,
Read her Bible daily and teach us,
That was just my Mama's way.

Thank You Lord for the Prayers that,
Faintly drifted into my room at night,
Giving sweet peaceful rest and sleep,
Knowing in Your Arms I was held tight.

Some nights as I lay down to sleep,
My mind wanders back to those times past,
Thankful for my Mama's Prayers and,
Her teachings that over the years still last.

A life of knowing how to Pray,
Living for the Precious Lord above,
I thank You Lord for saving me,
Thank You for Your Divine Love.

Gayle Davis©
13 July 2011





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Album: "Fulfillment" © Aurora Production Ltd.
Genre: Instrumental

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