Silver and Gold and Thee Presents *Saved By His Blood*


Are you saved by His blood
Are you in His hands today?
Oh, please be His child
And His precious words obey

He loves each of His children
He wants us all to be with Him
But first we must accept His Son
And be forgiven of prior sin.

He wants us to come forward
To meet Him at the altar
To be His child, to love forever
He will then prevent our falter

But, if we do fail at times
If we do sin, and feel the shame
He will accept our prayer for forgiveness
We will feel the deep love again.

Just as we are, we need His love
We need Him daily, hourly even
To be near us, and to protect
And His promise to always believe in.

No, He will never leave us
And we will remain His own
Once we have given Him our lives
And our deep love we have shown.

My friend if you do not know Him
Get upon your knees and pray
For Him to come into your heart
And be there forever to stay.

© Kentucky_Lady4
October 2003

Revelation 1: 5

And from Jesus Christ, who is the
faithful witness, and the first
begotten of the dead, and the
prince of the kings of the earth.

Unto him that loved us, and washed
us from our sins in his own blood

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Song: "Are You Washed In The Blood" Courtesy of Heavenly Midis


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