You washed me and made me clean
I'm as white as the purest of snow
Your blood has covered my sin
And in Your Love I will grow

How can I thank You Lord
For the Mercy You've shown
Your never ending Love
Comes directly from Your Throne

As I go through trying times
I try to look to You
Cause without Your guiding Eye
I'd be bewildered as what to do

You'll never leave me
I don't have to walk alone
You're forever by my side
As I face the unknown

I lift Your Name in praise
With a new song each day
As You whisper to my heart
And guide these feet of clay

I lift my hands in adoration
I love You with all my heart
Thank You for covering my sin
And Your love that'll never part




Song "When Morning Comes" by  Michael Dooley
Nubeat Music
Copyright ©Aurora Production Ltd. Artist


The beautiful art is used with permission from Greg Olsen Art Publishing, Inc

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